Wedding Marquee Hire Guide for Novices

If you have always dreamed about your perfect outdoor wedding then a marquee can provide a blank canvas and the flexibility to create something totally unique and personal. We specialise in wedding marquee hire in Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, Bristol and The Midlands supplying upwards of 100 couples per year with various different marquees for their special occasion. We have put together a list of essential questions to ask any marquee provider and tips to make sure nothing is left to chance.

– The overall size of you marquee is of paramount importance so when first discussing your requirements it is a good idea to have in mind how many guests you will be inviting and if there will be any additional evening guests to consider. Other factors that will affect the size of your marquee will be the requirement for a Bar Area and Dance Floor Space.

– Power Supply must not be ignored and is very important to make sure this has been considered. The amount of power you require will very much depend on if your caterers need to run appliances such as Hot Cupboards and Tea Urns and if you choose to have a Band or DJ. Most marquee companies will either be able to supply their own generators or use one of their suppliers to hire one if required. It may be possible to power your wedding marquee from a domestic source in your home or wedding venue however it is best to seek the advice of the marquee company about this.

– Luxury Toilet Hire may also be required, especially if your venue is a field or residential property with no or limited access to toilets. Nearly all Luxury Toilet Units only require an electrical supply to function and do not require a water connection. The number of guests attending your wedding will dictate the size of toilet unit you will require.

– Planning and design. Any reputable marquee provider should be able to design a marquee around your plans and ideas with accurate CAD 3D drawings. The design of your wedding marquee is a personal and individual thing and we work with all our customers tweaking and redesigning their layout until it is suitable for them. It is a good idea to always ask your marquee provider to produce these drawings as it will give you a better understanding of how your wedding marquee will look.


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