Wedding Breakfast Ideas for your Marquee

Having a marquee for your wedding means that some of the space will be dedicated to an area to seat you and your friends and family for your wedding breakfast. Eating, drinking, the speeches, taking your seat at your top table, and cutting the cake are can all important parts of your big day, and often take place in the space you have for your wedding breakfast. We can provide a variety of finishes to help you achieve the look and feel you want to for this space of your marquee. With a variety of table styles and sizes and chair options we can help create the ideal space. Whether you are looking for large round tables or smaller more intimate tables, long rows of tables, a traditional top table or choice of chair styles to meet your ideal look and feel we can certainly provide what you are looking for. Whether the number of guests you have requires a large grand space, or you are having a more intimate wedding how you theme, style and decorate your main area for your wedding breakfast will have a large influence on the feel of your entire wedding marquee. We welcome your ideas and always aim to create a space you want. Some of these photos show what couples we have worked with in the past have opted for.

Wedding Breakfast Design Inspiration…

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